7. Paul Wilkes - VFX Talent and Recruitment consultant: How to get a job in VFX and take the next step in your career

VFX Talks

16-03-2023 • 1 hr 28 mins

Paul Wilkes has been recruiting for top VFX studios for many years. He used to be the Global Head of Talent Management at MPC Advertising, had a similarly prominent title at Technicolor and is now a Talent Consultant with PXL Talent.

In this episode Paul helps to demystify what goes on behind the scenes when you submit your showreel to a studio, he gives tons of advice on how to craft your application to maximize your chances of getting a job,  how to chose your career path, the state of the global talent market and much more.

Find out more about Paul and if his team at PXL Talent can help you find your next job at www.pxltalent.co.

Music by Marcus Olsson of Kungen & Hertigen

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