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That UFO Podcast

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Our Editor's Take

That UFO Podcast might be for those who need to know the latest UFO news. The hosts report on and discuss current events. They also interview others who study UFOs or work in related fields.

In one episode, podcast host Andy Mcgrillen interviews retired pilot Chris Lehto. They discuss UFO hearings in the US. Chris is on location in Kumburgaz for a recent Turkish UFO sighting. Andy mentions that he doesn't usually follow US politics. Yet he felt that watching the hearings on TV was exciting. Chris was there and confirms that the energy around Congress that day was unusual. He spoke to a congressman's aide while he was in DC. They mentioned that everyone found the level of interest surprising.

That UFO Podcast sometimes covers tangential subjects. In another episode, Andy and cohost Dan Zetterström talk about deep-sea exploration. Both would like to see more funding for this area of study. They believe that there are undersea civilizations that may still exist. They discuss the movies The Abyss and Meg 2, and also the Sekret Machines books.

A ufologist is a guest on another episode of That UFO Podcast. He and Andy dislike that the BBC didn't have better questions for David Grusch, the UFO "whistleblower." This means he tried to reveal something an organization wanted to keep a secret. Grusch had alluded to a non-human craft in the US government's possession. David says that he and journalist George Knapp would be able to get the answers they wanted, even if they only had 30 seconds.

Andy, Dan, and their guests exhibit passion and dedication on That UFO Podcast. It's an engaging and accessible show, if not quite conversational. Fellow UFO enthusiasts may enjoy it most. Yet curious newcomers will not feel excluded. Most episodes are between 30 minutes and one hour. New episodes release every few days to keep up with current events.

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