Avlokit Meshram

PODCAST PROMO:- HELLo STUDENTS , welcome to studyiq’s new initiative the “PODCAST .the podcast will help unwinding your UPSC journey and enhance your revision of UPSC preparation. The goal of the PODCAST is to help you revise all UPSC syllabus with macro and micro topic analysis.the objective of the podcast is to cover all UPSC syllabus for your revision, cover all the concepts which are important for pre and mains examination . The biggest advandtage of the podcast is it will follow the sequence defined and provided by UPSC syllabus. The structure of the episode will be lucid as it will define the topic , will cover concepts and discus the dimensions important for mains answer writing and we will conclude the topic. You can listen to podcast via multiple platforms like YOUUBE , spotify , google podcast and apple podcast. So join me on the learning journey via podcast. read less