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Helping expat parents navigate the challenges of moving and living overseas with their children, with Carole Hallett Mobbs: Expat Life Mentor and Consultant

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Moving Abroad with Teenagers
Moving Abroad with TeenagersHow to Prepare Kids for Moving OverseasWhen is the Best Time to Move Abroad with Kids?Living With Uncertainty
Live and Thrive in These Uncertain TimesDealing with uncertainty: how to regain a sense of control when everything feels so up in the air. Not only are we dealing with ‘unprecedented’ times, we are also dealing with a huge amount of uncertainty on a daily basis. Uncertainty about the future is normal; we cannot see what is likely to happen in our lives. These days, however, we are also living with uncertainty about the present, which causes all kinds of horrible feelings and emotions. Things change so quickly that it’s all very unsettling.When you’re planning a move abroad, or potentially moving anywhere, this uncertainty is even more a feature of your life: expat life comes with uncertainty attached. Maybe the company says you might be posted overseas… but they don’t know for sure. Or you will be posted overseas… but you don’t know when. Or you don’t know how long the posting will last… Will you move on? When and where? And all the other questions that come with moving abroad – schooling, housing, etc etc. And now, of course, will you even be able to fly to that country? Will you have to produce some kind of proof of vaccination paperwork? Will you have to quarantine? Will there be another outbreak that shuts borders again?Find out what uncertainty I’m personally facing in this episode and learn some tips to cope so you can find a little peace too.To book a Power Hour call with me, please check out my diary, here: Expat Espresso HourVisit ExpatChild.com for more free information about expat life!Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=GFFFL9Q32WKGY)
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Why being the expat partner makes such a difference and what extra challenges the accompanying expat partner faces. These challenges can lead to a loss of confidence and a rapidly disappearing self-identity.To start with, we get labelled as ‘the trailing spouse’… We don’t like that. Our identity is immediately stripped from us and we are given a demeaning and disempowering label. We are so much more than a label.However, some communities consider the label itself to be the sole cause of an expat partner’s dissatisfaction and spend hours choosing alternatives which simply compounds the issue. Because this means the actual issues are being brushed under the carpet and ignored. Deflecting away from solving the problem by focusing on the wrong thing altogether.Our lost confidence and ultimately potential mental health issues aren’t caused by a label used by companies or individuals. Potential problems in self-identity and general upheaval and expat life are caused by a lack of genuine and experienced support. In this episode I dive into self-confidence issues, self-identity and dependence; working through to discover how to retrieve your self-confidence, find yourself, reclaim your identity, and protect your independence.Many expat partners say that as soon as they take complete ownership for their own happiness and stop relying on each other that they really start to be happy.To book a Power Hour call with me, please check out my diary, here: Expat Espresso HourFor a quick, free introductory chat, please look here  Visit ExpatChild.com for more free information about expat life!Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=GFFFL9Q32WKGY)
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Expat Mental HealthPlan Your PackingNailing Your 'Look-See' TripDecision Fatigue and Expats
Decision, Decisions, Decisions!Making the decision to move overseas in the first place is huge; it starts with ‘should we stay or should we go?’ And just spirals from there.All this decision-making pressure can become too much, particularly when we are moving overseas and there are so many unknowns to factor in. We make between 1000-5000 decisions every single, normal day. Which is why making extra, life-changing choices on top of leads to O.M.G ARRRGH! Or, to give it an official name, decision fatigue. It’s a form of mental exhaustion and ultimately causes you to either stop making decisions or making poor choices.Making good decisions is something that can be lost in the mix of overthinking and over analysing: you get into a state of ‘Can’t see the wood for the trees’ – you’re looking at the tiny details instead of the big picture.Are you confident in your decision-making skills? Or would you like a little help from someone who’s been there and done that – several times? Someone who can help you see the big picture and help you cut through the wood so you can see the trees?If you need someone neutral to chat it all over with, in complete confidence. I’m here for you! Let me help lighten your mental load. I can help you discover everything you need to make the best decision for you and your family. While I can’t make your decisions for you, I can offer honest advice, experience-based suggestions, recommendations, tools and tips to lighten your mental and emotional load.I’m dedicated to helping you simplify your expat decision-making process, so you have clarity and confidence in the major life choices you’re making.Get in touch today!To book a Decision-Maker Power Hour call with me to help you through this madly busy time, please check out my diary, here: Expat Espresso HourIf you're still undecided (!), hop on a quick, free 15 minute call with me here.Visit ExpatChild.com for more free information about expat life!Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=GFFFL9Q32WKGY)
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Researching Your New Life Overseas