How to Screen Tenants During COVID with Taryn Byron

DMG Investments's Podcast

03-11-2020 • 35 mins

The urban core’s mass exodus is being exaggerated, according to Taryn Bryon. Nonetheless, developers and multifamily property owners need to adjust to changing demands from renters and shifts in demographics. Understandably, as many landlords and leasing agents are seeing more movement from renters, they are becoming more cautious in who they accept as replacement residents. Knowing how to screen tenants during COVID, in the middle of a federal eviction moratorium, can be a challenge. However, there are some key steps property owners and leasing agents can employ to make it easier according to Bryon.

Taryn Byron is the president and broker of CJ Dalton, a leading real estate firm that focuses on new developments and multi-family residential leasing in New York City and New Jersey. Byron is the lead real estate consultant for DMG Investments and with over seventeen years of hands-on experience in real estate sales and mentorship, she plays an integral part in the ongoing development of the firm.