Why You Need To Add Powerful Platform Building Tools To Your Podcasting Arsenal

Feed Your Brand

23-08-2017 • 18 mins

You hear it all the time from marketing agents and PR firms, “You need a platform.” What does a platform really mean? The simplest analogy for it is to imagine it this way. A platform is a stage that you stand on. It’s your event room. The bigger and taller the platform you have, the bigger your audience will be. The three major components of a good platform are your website, social media platforms, and an influencing network. Those three things will grow your platform the fastest and grow it consistently and make it even. You need to build up that foundation all at the same time if you can. You can greatly benefit from it through web traffic, your friends, and followers, all of the things that are a part of your mail list are finding you and they’re seeing what you’re posting every single day.

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