Jewish Filmmaker Inbar Horesh talks to me about her award winning short film ’Birth Right’


04-02-2021 • 20 mins

Natasha is excited to travel to Israel to participate in a trip encouraging young diaspora Jews to immigrate there. When she manages to catch the attention of Shlomi, a handsome combat soldier, things turn ugly.Director Inbar Horesh’s female led short film was inspired by the Israeli organization Birthright, who encourage young Jewish people to immigrate there. The film was inspired by Nataliya Olshanskaya’s story of immigrating to Israel, Nataliya stars as the lead role Natasha in Birth Right. This topical film has been selected for sixteen high profile international film festivals including Carmel International Short Film Festival where it received a special mention, Seret Berlin Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival and more. Birth Right won the 2020 Moulin d'Ande Award at Cinemed: Montpellier International Festival of Mediterranean Cinema.I chat with Inbar about the film and how it explores the reasons some people may have for following their 'Birthright' and how the state of Israel offers citizenship to those who may be able to claim it through ancestry, but don't consider themselves to be Jewish.Support the show ( this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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