Inspired Marketing: How to Have the Passion Conversation with Robbin Phillips of Brains on Fire

Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life

23-09-2013 • 56 mins

As Courageous President and co-founder of the word-of-mouth marketing and identity firm Brains on Fire, Robbin Phillips believes that every marketing problem is a people problem in disguise. The new world of marketing is much more personal. It’s not about technology platforms or social media doodads—it’s about real relationships with real people. Instead of focusing on how you can use your customers to grow your business, she strives to “connect” and “celebrate” with fans and prefers to conceptualize marketing as human beings drawing other human beings closer. A graphic designer turned creative marketer who helps organizations create, revitalize, protect and grow their brands, Robbin will share insights from her new book, The Passion Conversation with Host Kate Ebner on September 9. After meeting her, you’ll see new possibilities for realizing your vision - and you'll never think of marketing in the same way again.