Epidemic Belfast

Ulster University

Epidemic Belfast explores Belfast's medical history from the 19th century to COVID. In each episode, experts examine themes including the health of Belfast's mill workers, asylums, Victorian anti-vaxxers, 'cures' and shock therapies for homosexuality, the thalidomide tragedy, lobotomies, prison doctors during the Troubles, the AIDS crisis, among many others. Epidemic Belfast is an essential resource for anyone interested in Irish and medical history.

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Disease and the Industrial Revolution
Disease and the Industrial RevolutionThe Health of Belfast Mill WorkersCancer in Victorian BelfastAsylums in Victorian and Edwardian BelfastThe Migration of Irish Mental Health Patients to Scottish AsylumsTea & ‘Insanity of Malnutrition’Cholera in Victorian BelfastTuberculosis in Victorian BelfastAnti-Vaxxers in Victorian BelfastClifton House, Disease and Graverobbers in 19th-century BelfastThe Templemore Public Baths in East BelfastBelfast, c.1900. ‘The Unhealthiest City in the Kingdom’?Schools and Health in Edwardian Belfast, and Campbell College as a WW2 Military HospitalThe Care of Shell-shocked Veterans after the First World WarThe Spanish Flu in Ireland, 1918-19The Therapeutic Revolution, 1910s to 1960sLobotomies in 20th-Century Belfast AsylumsPolio in BelfastThe Thalidomide Tragedy in BelfastThe Troubles, Psychological Trauma and Feminism