Everyday Confidence - The Skillful Mind

Steve George

Actionable Tips, Tricks and Techniques for a More Confident Life. In these short podcasts, I'll address one, confidence building tip, trick, or technique and give you a way to take some action, so you can put it into practice.

How to Beat the blues and get back on track - Ep35Overcoming the fear of failure - Ep34How Procrastination Causes Confidence Issues - Ep3321 Ideas to Improve your Self-esteem and General Happiness Daily - Ep32Create A Morning Routine to Help Build Your Confidence - Ep31Confidence and Contribution - Ep 30Take Some Risks to Build Your Confidence - Ep 29Improve Your Confidence by Dealing with Distractions - Ep28Zoom-Out Your Failures - Ep 27Write a Letter to Your Future Self - Ep 2630-Day Challenge - 2-Minute Tuesday - 25How to Write Your Own Personal Blueprint - 24How to Prove You’re Confident - 23Take small steps if you want to increase your confidence and self-esteem - Ep 22Controlling Negative Thoughts - Ep 2120 - Improving Your Self-belief19 - QT - Confidence is a Journey18 - How to Use NLP to improve Your Confidence17 – Quick Tip – Cherish Compliments16 – Using Regret to Boost Your Confidence.