Who’s Responsible?

Three Old Hacks

02-05-2021 • 53 mins

Mihir Bose, former BBC Sports News Editor, sets the world to rights with journalist mates David Smith, Economics Editor of the Sunday Times, and political commentator Nigel Dudley.

The cost of decorating Boris Johnson’s Downing St flat and who is paying for it is exercising them this week (£200,000 and it looks ‘like an Ottoman brothel’ according to one wag).

Maybe people aren’t bothered about who paid for it, but will Carrie Symonds’ comment that she couldn’t live with Theresa May’s “John Lewis nightmare” lose them the votes of Middle England?

Also the scandal of the sub post office managers whose lives have been ruined by the disastrous failure of a computer system. After some have served time in prison and others have been vilified in their communities, for financial losses that were not their fault, the Three Old Hacks demand to know who is responsible.

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