Afghanistan – A rehash of imperialism

Three Old Hacks

31-08-2021 • 48 mins

Writer and broadcaster Mihir Bose, Economics editor of the Sunday Times David Smith and political commentator Nigel Dudley, aka The Three Old Hacks, discuss Afghanistan in their podcast this week.

“The great opinion makers and intellectuals have once again failed us” says Mihir.

“When the West intervened in Afghanistan two decades ago they were all for it and made no critical examination whatsoever.

“Now, apart from blaming Joe Biden… they have not really examined why the West has failed…”

“The West has squandered billions propping up corrupt Afghan politicians who can then build villas in the Middle East… The US diplomatic cables which have emerged from Afghanistan show how corrupt the regime was”.

“The fact is we have not done a regime change, we have not built anything there”.

The whole sorry adventure was, he says, just “a rehash of imperialism”.

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