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Inside The Clubhouse with Charles Koh - Web3 Marketing Expert
Inside The Clubhouse with Charles Koh - Web3 Marketing Expert
1:1 Interview with Charles Koh. Serial product founder with a lot of experience designing & launching products, Charles is one of the people to watch out for in Web3. Charles is one of the marketing leads at ZTX, a web3 metaverse platform empowering creators and communities to build, play and earn. Charles shared valuable lessons from his time working at Boeing and Google, which he later applied to building his own startups. He also drew from his background in fashion to lead at ZTX, where he is helping build one of the biggest metaverses with primary market in Korea. During the interview, Charles provided fascinating insights into his journey of joining the Web3 space and shared his thoughts on where the industry is headed in the next 5-10 years. He also recounted his experiences of moving from a Fortune 500 company to becoming a startup builder, and how he adapted to the challenges and opportunities of working in a startup environment. Overall, Charles Koh's interview was filled with valuable insights and inspiring stories, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the Web3 space. Aside from being a highly experienced Web3 leader, Charles Koh is also a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has co-founded several successful startups, including Infolio, a productivity app. Charles is also an active angel investor and has invested in several early-stage startups in the tech and finance space. Furthermore, Charles is a regular speaker at industry events and has been featured in various publications, including Forbes, TechCrunch, and CoinDesk. He is known for his expertise in blockchain, Web3, and metaverse technology, and his ability to identify emerging trends and technologies in the industry. Overall, Charles Koh is a highly respected figure in the Web3 space, and his entrepreneurial spirit, expertise, and passion for innovation have made him an inspiration to many in the Clubhouse community.