Red Gold & Bold - Episode 10 (10/19/21)

Red Gold & Bold - A KC Football Podcast

20-10-2021 • 1 hr 15 mins

Jeff Chadiha (NFL Network/, Eric Eager ( and Soren Petro (Sports Radio 810 - WHB) are back breaking down the Chiefs come from behind Win at Washington. Did the Chiefs reach rock bottom in DC and are they ready to get back to being the AFC's best?

(0:00) Show Open
(1:34) Was half-time at Washington "rock bottom" for the Chiefs?
(8:45) Are the lineup changes... Thornhill for Sorensen & Bolton for Hitchens... the turning point?
(21:15) Are the 8 INT's by Patrick Mahomes just a result of being unlucky?
(36:30) Should the Chiefs be looking to sign Whitney Mercilus?
(38:20) What should the Chiefs plan be for the trade deadline?
(47:24) Chadiha's love of the Chiefs 4 Tight End plan.
(56:45) Darrel Williams... what did he bring?
(1:08:50) Chiefs at the Titans... how does it look?