Red Gold & Bold - Episode 65 (1/31/23)

Red Gold & Bold - A KC Football Podcast

01-02-2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

Even with only one healthy leg, Patrick Mahomes finally leads the Chiefs past the Bengals. Was this his best game yet? What does this win mean for his legacy?

Jeff Chadiha (NFL Network/, Eric Eager (Sumer Sports/ and Soren Petro (Sports Radio 810 - WHB/ put the AFC Championship win in perspective. They also discuss...

- Was the Chiefs win more about them or the Bengals?

- Was this Chris Jones best ever?

- What's the confidence level in the defense?

- Has Brett Veach been given his due credit?

- Thoughts on the officiating.

- How big of a problem are the Chiefs injuries?

- Should the Eagles be favored?

- Early thoughts and predictions on the game.