Stand By Me

The Fear of God: A Horror Movie Podcast

03-12-2019 • 1 hr 45 mins

Kicking off a unique series for us, we are taking our cue from Stephen King's first collection of non-horror material and launching #differentseasons, a short series closing out the year with some of King's most noteworthy non-horror pieces. We start with Rob Reiner's landmark film from the 1980s, STAND BY ME. Following a brief discussion about King's recent short essay, GUNS, along with a personal note about recent events in Reed's life, the fellas trek down the railroad tracks together as they discuss coming to grips with mortality, cultivating code words for grace, and cherishing the relationships that matter most. It's a fun and heart-felt conversation this week and we hope you enjoy it.

6:55 - #differentseasons announcement

11:20 - GUNS, an essay by Stephen King

36:46 - STAND BY ME (based on THE BODY, by Stephen King)

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