How does technology allow us to adapt to a rapidly changing world? Join host Shaunté Newby as she speaks to people passionate about finding solutions to complex problems facing our world today. How do we apply IT infrastructure to modern-day space exploration? What’s a zero-trust strategy and how do we actually adopt it? What’s the future of AI trust? We’ll be engaging in conversations with some of Leidos’s brightest minds to answer these questions and more. read less
IT Infrastructure in the new space age
IT Infrastructure in the new space age
On Today's Show"It's interesting thinking back to what sent a man to the moon the first time." ... "To see the sheer size and volume of those (computers) and to know now that we have that technology at our fingertips and the ability and the power that it can provide is really beyond imagination." - Nate ApodacaIn December 2022, it will officially be 50 years since humans set foot on the moon. In half a century, the world has changed drastically, and so has the technology that got us there. But as the world has turned more digital, the importance of secure and stable IT infrastructure has never been more important. That's why as NASA looks forward to the most ambitious era of space travel in history, they need a team that can be trusted to bring the best and most reliable systems possible.Nate Apodaca is the Vice President and Division Manager of the NASA portfolio at Leidos. He joins host Shaunté Newby to share what IT infrastructure means in the context of space exploration, why it's more important than ever, and the new challenges that his team at Leidos are working to overcome.Key TakeawaysWhat makes IT infrastructure for NASA uniqueWhy the technology is so much more sophisticated than in previous space agesAs NASA increases its velocity in its race to space, Leidos IT services will transform and transfigure the way that NASA consumes, accepts, and embraces information technologyLinkshttps://www.leidos.com/nasa-ithttps://www.nasa.gov/specials/artemis/