Get To Know Your Saboteurs with Marilyn Rose

Make It Visible

21-08-2022 • 41 mins

Marilyn Rose is a Transitional Life, Leadership, and Registered ICF Mentor Coach for leaders around the world who have recommitted to bringing their hearts and higher visions to the forefront of their lives and work.

She is dedicated to supporting individuals, coaches, and teams to reach and sustain their highest possible level of excellence while achieving success and happiness in all areas of life.

Marilyn's specialties lie in the area of human potential, emotional management, leadership, and mastery by supporting her clients to uncover and shift any blind spots standing in the way of their truest self and potential.

She is the proud mom of two sets of twin boys, ages 24 and 27, loves the beach, coaching, coffee, and people!

Episode time stamp

[3:20] The coffee talk
[6:14] Marilyn's coaching journey
[12:05] "It wasn't really about them driving; it was the fear underneath."
[15:12] Managing challenges at the start of coaching.
[18:26] The influence of determination on learning
[19:44] "My saboteur lost power through my struggle."
[25:27] Coping with uncertainties
[32:55] "Anything that didn't feel good was a conflict."
[35:20] "Love is important but invincible to the eyes."

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