Sidebar: Salina Baker on the Life of General Nathanael Greene

The History of the Americans

06-11-2023 • 51 mins

Salina Baker lives in Austin - my town - and has just published “The Line of Splendor,”  a biographical novel of the life of General Nathanael Greene, regarded by most historians as George Washington’s most important lieutenant. We talk about Greene’s life, his famous Southern Campaign in 1781 in which he and his men drove the British out of the Carolinas and Georgia while losing most of the battles they actually fought, his stint as Washington’s quartermaster general and his talent for logistics, his friendship with fellow boy-wonder Henry Knox, and what might have been had Greene not died shortly after the end of the war. Buy her novel through the link below! Also, if you are going to be in Denver on November 12, let me know if you can make the meet-up we'll do late that afternoon, probably at or new the Brown Palace Hotel. Subscribe by email X (Twitter): @TheHistoryOfTh2 Facebook: The History of the Americans Podcast Salina B. Baker, The Line of Splendor: A Novel of Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution