Introducing Just a Widow Talk! The MHNRN Interview.

Just a Widow Talk

27-03-2022 • 38 mins

Join Kristin Sunanta-Walker, host of the Mental Health News Radio Network, as she interviews Teresa Taylor-Williams, host of Just a Widow Talk. They discuss grief and its many forms.
Teresa is a widow, an award-winning newspaper journalist, and self-proclaimed grief arse-kicker. First losing her job to downsizing and then her husband, Ricky, in 2014, she has found the true meaning of resilience. After her home was foreclosed, she lived in subsidized housing while raising her two teenage sons; worked various jobs to make ends meet; and engaged in self-sabotaging behaviors in her attempts to cope with life without Ricky. Her grief journey has been a rocky one and Teresa deems herself an expert in how not to grieve. She found comfort in grief groups and therapy. In 2021, she founded 2 Become 1 Grief Support LLC, where she hosts a weekly virtual grief support group, as well as the podcast “Just a Widow Talk: Voices of Spouse & Partner Loss.” She is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work and is currently a Diversity director in higher education. She resides in the Kansas heartland.

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