S1, Ep 1 Best Friend Therapy: Boundaries - What are they? Do we need them? How do we say no?

Best Friend Therapy

28-03-2022 • 40 mins

Welcome to the FIRST EVER EPISODE of Best Friend Therapy! Each week we'll open the doors to our friendship and chat about what's on our minds, to get deeper in our minds. And today we're starting with a conversation about something we all need in our everyday lives - boundaries. We explore what boundaries mean to us, how to set them and how to say no. Elizabeth tells us why she says sorry all the time and Emma gives us practical ways to renegotiate relationships at home and at work. Thank you so much for listening and we'd love to hear what boundaries mean for you! (Just don't phone Elizabeth, apparently she *really* hates the phone.) Two best friends. One therapist. Zero filter. --- Elizabeth quotes Mark Groves, Human Connection Specialist, in this episode. You can find out more at https://markgroves.com --- Best Friend Therapy is hosted by Elizabeth Day and Emma Reed Turrell, produced by Chris Sharp. To contact us, email contact@bestfriendtherapy.co.uk --- Social Media: Elizabeth Day @elizabday Emma Reed Turrell @emmareedturrell Best Friend Therapy @best.friend.therapy