S1, Ep 8 Best Friend Therapy: Endings - Are they a bad thing? What's the difference between loss and change? How do we make meaning?

Best Friend Therapy

16-05-2022 • 37 mins

Welcome to this episode of Best Friend Therapy, where we chat about what's on our minds, to get deeper in our minds. Well, we've reached the final episode of season one (sob!) so it seemed only fitting to make this a conversation all about endings. But don't panic, because we also look at the beginnings that follow endings - including the beginning of season two of Best Friend Therapy, which will be here before you know it! We talk about the endings that arose through the pandemic, how friendships and relationships evolve, and what quitting really means. Elizabeth shares a personal experience of bereavement and Emma shares her perspective of grief through a therapy lens. It's not an easy listen at times, but one we hope will help anyone who has experienced loss themselves. We hope that you've enjoyed this first season of Best Friend Therapy as much as we have and would love to hear from you! So why not email us or slide into our DMs and let us know what you'd like us to talk about next time. We'll be back soon with another conversation for the soul but, in the meantime, if you could rate, review and subscribe, we'd be so grateful. --- Elizabeth references "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. Emma talks about the grief cycle, developed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and made famous in her book, "On Death and Dying", in 1969. Both are available from all good book stores. --- Best Friend Therapy is hosted by Elizabeth Day and Emma Reed Turrell, produced by Chris Sharp. To contact us, email contact@bestfriendtherapy.co.uk --- Social Media: Elizabeth Day @elizabday Emma Reed Turrell @emmareedturrell Best Friend Therapy @best.friend.therapy