S1, Ep 6 Best Friend Therapy: Bodies - Is age just a number? How much does appearance matter? What part does social media play?

Best Friend Therapy

02-05-2022 • 41 mins

Welcome to this episode of Best Friend Therapy, where we chat about what's on our minds, to get deeper in our minds. TW: eating disorders This episode is all about bodies - how we can divorce our bodies from our minds if we're not careful, how we feel about our physical appearance and what getting older means for us. Covering areas such as fertility and menopause, social media and dress sizes, we share our relationships with our own bodies on a journey to befriending them, and hope that it can help you do the same. Elizabeth reminisces about a time before exercise was popular and Emma dusts off her leg warmers to resurrect her role as student aerobics instructor. --- Elizabeth references an exhibition called "Body Worlds", showcasing the work of Dr. Gunther Von Hagens. --- Best Friend Therapy is hosted by Elizabeth Day and Emma Reed Turrell, produced by Chris Sharp. To contact us, email contact@bestfriendtherapy.co.uk --- Social Media: Elizabeth Day @elizabday Emma Reed Turrell @emmareedturrell Best Friend Therapy @best.friend.therapy