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Encore: The Supply Chain Crisis from the Cyber Side
Encore: The Supply Chain Crisis from the Cyber Side
The US is in a dire supply chain crisis. According to the Federal Reserve, many parts of the country have been hurt by supply chain issues. Gas prices are hitting record highs. Goods are sitting in harbors, waiting for trucks to send them to their destinations. Consumers are seeing empty shelves all over the country. Perhaps most frightening of all, pharmacies are reportedly running out of prescription medications. The FDA has listed 100+ medications as being on backorder. According to one report, pharmacies are having to come up with creative ways to help their patients. Frankly, it’s scary. And on top of all this, how is the current supply chain crisis impacting cybersecurity and our critical infrastructure? Is our national cybersecurity at risk? How is technology helping the problem from inventory management systems to new innovative solutions? Is there a viable solution or is this the new norm? This week join us as we discuss the supply chain crisis from a cyber perspective with special guests Chuck Brooks, globally recognized cyber thought leader and former Legislative Director of the Science & Technology Directorate at the Department of Homeland Security and Matthew Rosenquist, a globally recognized top cybersecurity expert, cybersecurity strategist, and Chief Information Security Officer at Eclipz. We’ll tackle these tough questions and offer real world solutions that will help us make it through the supply chain crisis unscathed and cyber secure.