S2 E102: The Voice of Generation Z

Wagner Live

13-09-2018 • 40 mins

What does it take to achieve a lifetime’s worth of achievements before the age of 25?
In this episode of Wagner Live, we are joined by Morissa Schwartz, owner of DrRissysWriting.com - a marketing and writing company, and GenZPublishing.org - a publishing company that has produced six Amazon bestsellers. Morissa broke a Guinness World Record for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets, has sung on MTV, speaks professionally about inspiring others through words and entrepreneurship, and was named the “Voice of Generation Z” by Community Magazine. She seeks to inspire others through words and a positive attitude.

Listen in to learn how today’s idealized social media society impacts Gen Z and what that means for the future. You will also hear us discuss the future of Facebook after a little setback and voice search evolution.

What You’ll Discover:
[2:01] Morissa shares her book writing, editing, publishing, and marketing journey.
[5:44] The work behind breaking the Guinness World Record for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets.
[11:13] How the idealized social media society impacts today’s young generation.
[15:46] Morissa’s stand on the controversial Nike spokesperson Colin Kaepernick.
[19:28] The little Facebook setback and what it means for the platform's future.
[26:48] The future of voice search and assistance plus the research and data on voice search.
[32:36] Morissa describes her singing journey and how she got to sing on MTV.

Connect With Morrisa: https://morissaschwartz.com/

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