#2: Branding Made Easy - Working with Themes

Creative Strength Podcast: Guidance on the Creative Journey

13-03-2023 • 17 mins

I've spoken with so many artists over the years who do amazing work, but are toiling in obscurity because, well, people haven't been made aware of what they're making.

They'll make a couple of posts and announcements, but there's nothing consistently drawing attention back to them, and the work doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

This makes the social media aspect of being an artist kind of boring and almost hopeless; like shouting into the void.

So, how does media work?

What can we do to have people pay attention?

And how can we re-think branding, so it doesn't kill the joy of creating.

We'll be discussing all of that today.

I wish you peace on your creative journey this week, and if you want to connect further, you can check me out at:


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