[Ep442] Alpha Antics

Coffee with Butterscotch: A Game Dev Comedy Podcast

22-11-2023 • 55 mins

In this episode, we discuss game testing, white lies, and samurais. Alpha testing is like hosting a masquerade ball for bugs— you never know who will show up in what disguise. Decoding feedback is a juggling act between psychology, sleuthing, and the occasional facepalm, but every glitch unraveled is one step closer to enlightenment.

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00:40 Intro

01:04 Thanks to our supporters! (https://moneygrab.bscotch.net)

02:12 Crashlands 2 closed Alpha test

30:22 Blue Eye Samurai

33:58  BricksParts: Do you have any advice on developing/refining forgiveness mechanics?

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