[Ep429] Micro Jank

Coffee with Butterscotch: A Game Dev Comedy Podcast

23-08-2023 • 58 mins

This week, we talk about code navigation, versioning strategy, and good development practices. It costs something to add things that aren't "necessary" to the core gameplay experience. But those little surprises breathe life into a game, giving it personality and creating moments that resonate with players. Without that extra juice, what makes your game stand out?

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00:42 Intro

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01:47 Stitch for VS code


31:13 ModernWizard: ZSA Moonlander keyboards. Having had more time to work with them and adjust, have you grown to love them or do you have some buyer's remorse?

44:47 FlyhoppieAxerompa: Seth have you considered making your own mini-game within CL2?

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