Imagined Sleep


Imagined Sleep will transport you into a blissful slumber -- immersing you in soothing, sound-rich landscapes and dreamy storytelling. Whether it’s for a cozy nap during the day -- or falling into a restful sleep at night, it’s the comforting companion that you’ll want to return to time and again.

Available exclusively on Wondery+ or on Amazon Music with a Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.


Executive Producer: Hernan Lopez

Executive Producer: Marshall Lewy

Executive Producer: Stephanie Jenz

Producer/Editor: Jeanine Cornillot

Host: Virginia Madsen and Robbie Daymond

Music and Sound Design: Aaron May

Audio Engineer: Sergio Enriquez

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Our Editor's Take

Imagined Sleep is an excellent podcast for anyone who needs help getting to sleep at night. It's a sleep podcast of stories told in gentle and soothing tones. Each episode tells a different story so listeners can discover new tales each time.

These are bedtime stories of magical adventures, exploring breathtaking landscapes. Some places will be more familiar, from a train ride through the Alps to the Northern Lights in Iceland. Others venture into the depths of the ocean and outer space. One explores an ancient city, while another transports listeners through a Rousseau painting. Each Imagined Sleep podcast episode has the same simple mission. It is to help listeners enjoy the best sleep possible. Listeners can put on their headphones, sit back, and relax as a magical story enchants them.

Every Imagined Sleep story transports the listener to a new place. This way, the listener can focus on the story rather than the fight for sleep. It's a playlist of sleep meditation, excellent for relaxation and restful sleep. Every sight, sound, and scent get described in beautiful detail. Podcast listeners can breathe in the smells of each enchanting setting. The audio descriptions may help them to feel like they are there.

The words used are all selected especially to create soothing sounds. They will enjoy the soft purr of the engine from their airship and hear the sounds of a new and wondrous planet. This audio treatment is a form of ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR is when audio or visual stimuli physically affect the body. This physical response can be a pleasant tingle or a sense of calm. This is the goal of the Imagined Sleep podcast series.

Switching off and falling asleep at night can be challenging in a world of digital stimulation. The calming tones of this series may put listeners into a state of tranquility. Whether listeners struggle to get sleepy or need better sleep, the Imagined Sleep podcast may offer some help. It's like sleep training for grownups!

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