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It is hard to balance life while trying becoming the best version of yourself. Each Tuesday, join RoyRee Toomer, a transformational wellness coach, as she shares her tools, tips and strategies for living a healthier lifestyle and flourishing your personal growth.

Whether you want to learn about elevating and growing your mindset, how to implement self-care into your daily life, living a healthier lifestyle or are ready to be motivated and inspired to be your best self, this is the podcast for you!

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8. 6 Tips For Holiday Self-Care
8. 6 Tips For Holiday Self-Care
Do you ever feel so overwhelmed during this time of year? I know personally for myself, when this time of year hits, I tend to feel overwhelmed, stressed and probably a few bouts of anxiety. The holiday season comes at you full speed. From the holiday parties, family gatherings, school recitals and more chaos as people are Christmas shopping, it is just too much.Sadly, the holiday season can be depressing for people too. During this time of year, studies show that more people experience depressive feelings as time and money are drained and or people may be struggling with a recent or unresolved loss.Although self-care is vital during the year, it is especially necessary during the holiday season. So if you have been running crazy on fumes trying to get it all in, its time to pump your breaks and check in with yourself.On this episode you will learn:How to recognize the physical and mental symptoms of stressThe signs of emotional stress when they manifestWhat are negative behavioral changes when stressedHow gratitude will change your mindset instantlyThe importance of saying noHow exercise decreases depression and anxietyWhy you should digital detox and disconnectThe importance of new traditionsWhy you should pay attention to your nutrition during the holidaysLinks: Resources: Therapy For Black GirlsGuide: Elevate Your Vision Companion GuideWebsite: http://elevatehigherwellness.comLets Get Social:Our podcast hashtag is #elevatehigherpodcastTwitter: @RoToomerYouTube: @RoyReeToomerInstagram: @RoyreeToomerFacebook: @RoyReeToomer Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.