Psychic Sundays

Michelle Morley & Louise Hedges

Welcome to Psychic Sundays, hosted by sisters Michelle Morley and Louise Hedges – your passport to the mystical.

Join us in unraveling the enigma of our shared gift as psychic mediums, where the extraordinary is our norm. With over ten thousand downloads, our podcast reaches across the world, resonating with seekers and the spiritually curious.

Journey with us through the whispers of intuition and the profound insights that have shaped our paths. As siblings wielding rare talents, we divulge our exceptional experiences from young ages, painting a vivid picture of our evolution.

Whether you're a fellow traveler on the psychic path or simply captivated by the unknown, Psychic Sundays welcomes you. Tune in to explore the secrets of the unseen, gain wisdom, and satiate your spiritual curiosity.

Embark on this voyage with us – where the mystical becomes relatable and the extraordinary becomes your reality. Psychic Sundays: bridging minds, hearts, and spirits worldwide.

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