Ep. 10 | Holiday Hacks, Excuses, Meringues & An Insight Into Our Fat Loss Framework

Lifestyle Design Secrets

07-08-2023 • 35 mins

Welcome to a very honest solo episode... lots of you have asked about holiday insights, so here we go!

Saucy Starter

A real insight into my holiday - the good, the bad and the power of knowing the tools to come back from over indulgence (I might be the secret queen at this...I am certainly no angel!).

Main Course

Journalist Shannon Thompson shared some incredible insights into her journey in her article this week and I wanted to touch on some of her incredible insights as they are things so many of you experience.

After losing 4.5kg and 13cm in just a couple of weeks, what temporarily caused the wheels to fall off? External factors like work, events, combined with a lack of planning and getting into your own head... I talk through these aspects and how we come back from them.

Shannon is doing incredibly well again - as she notes in her article she could really feel the difference! If feeling better isn't a good enough incentive to eat better I am not sure what is.

Delicious Dessert

I give you an insight into our brand new bitesize guides and we I created them. In this episode I delve deep into the 5 stages of our Fat Loss framework. Why? Because these are the exact insights I use to get back on track after a holiday. I use both Shannon and myself as examples of how each aspect of the framework works.

These bite size guides are our most affordable yet at just $69 with a discount code SAVE20 for $20 off...we know trying something new can be nerve wracking, so this is your opportunity to give them a go, for less than the cost of a takeaway meal...

It Includes Easy To Use 18 Page Guide:

- 5 Step Framework

- Setting Your Mindset

- Hacking Your Environment

- Building Daily Habits (inc. habit tracker)

- Movement Guide For Fat Loss

- Nutrition Guide (inc. plate design)

- Making It Happen!

- Next Steps

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