Ep. 24 | Navigating Nutrition Advice & The Social Media Landscape

Lifestyle Design Secrets

19-01-2024 • 1 hr 11 mins

In our latest episode, I had a captivating conversation with Marie Maischberger about how health experts navigate the landscape of social media. Together, we peeled back the layers on the role social media plays in shaping public perception of health messages, highlighting the contrast between European and New Zealand approaches. I shared my personal strategies for discerning reliable information from the rampant misinformation online, underscoring the importance of scrutinising sources and the motives behind the messages we receive. We also pondered the significance of personal responsibility when it comes to filtering through health information on these platforms, and the intricate challenges faced in attempting to regulate this digital space. Our dialogue ventured into the realm of nutrition, where I discussed the necessity of explaining why certain food choices can enhance health and the imperative of customising nutrition to fit individual needs. Takeaways from the Discussion -Social media is a prevalent yet precarious platform for health information, often marred by inaccurate content. -Health professionals view and interact with social media content through diverse lenses, shaping their engagement. -It's crucial to critically assess health information on social media and be wary of the intentions behind it. -Individuals should take charge of their social media feeds, carefully selecting reputable sources to follow. -The complexity of overseeing health messages on social media underscores the need for users to be judicious in what they accept as truth. -Clear communication about the virtues of healthy eating is essential, as is customising dietary advice to individual needs. -While social media can be a potent tool for health advocacy, it demands an informed and questioning approach to protect against misinformation. -Recognising the disparities in food standards and choices internationally is key to a well-rounded understanding of nutrition.

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