Firecracker Mindset Coach | From 107kg - 55kg | Michelle Matangi Will Blow Your Mind

Lifestyle Design Secrets

01-09-2023 • 1 hr 27 mins

What an episode. Without giving too much away, this is a must-listen if you feel you might be your own worst enemy... and most of us are.

Unsure why you make certain choices? Repeat certain behaviours? Well, here are some answers... As well as 'the why' Michelle gives you easy and practical ways to overcome your current limiting beliefs based on historic and external factors.

Ready for a change? Listen to this.

Michelle tells us her story and we delve into:

-       How she went from over 107kg – 55kg

-       Finding balance after strict dieting

-       The difference between cheap and expensive dopamine

-       Navigating food choices

-       Overcoming the all or nothing approach

-       Building micro-habits

-       Your nervous system

-       The art of showing up for yourself

-       Setting your environment up for success


Michelle is a dedicated Health and Lifestyle Coach, who possesses a profound enthusiasm for the world of self-development coaching.

Her conviction revolves around the idea that fostering a positive connection with both food and your body originates from nurturing a robust relationship with yourself at the very core. And I’d have to agree.

Michelle holds a strong belief that embracing a sustainable and wholesome lifestyle has the potential to empower you to reach your aspirations. She believes there’s absolutely no need to stay confined in a body that you hate and lead a life that feels wrong to you.

With Michelle's guidance, she aims to aid in the elevation of personal standards and the exploration of authentic values. Her commitment lies in supporting individuals on their journey to living life on their own terms, cultivating an internal adoration for their bodies.

Michelle emphasises that the most significant relationship we can cultivate is the one formed with ourselves. And she assures that the rewards achieved through this endeavour are unequivocally worth the dedication and effort.

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