Nina Kennett Part 1 | Emotional Body Therapist & Mindset Coach

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22-09-2023 • 13 mins

Nina Kennett is an Emotional Body Therapist & Mindset Coach based just up the road from me in Wanaka.

Note: this podcast is in 2 halves thanks to wild weather :)

Part 1: Nina's Saucy Starter and how she helps clients through Emotional Body Therapy to overcome previous challenges and traumas that are manifesting themselves in the body.

Part 2: Nina lost 6kg in 8 Weeks with our Programme.

Nina takes us through her experience and what she learnt along the way.

A few words to describe your experience:

Eye opening, informative and overall great and easier than I expected

What are some of the key changes you have felt?

Ease at dropping foods that weren't serving me. Understanding more around body/age changes and what is req'd as I shift into peri menopause.

Knowledge around how much sugar was in certain foods I was having. Loss of weight

Your Starting Weight (KG) If Relevant: 54

Your Current Weight (KG) If Relevant: 48

How quickly did you start to notice a change in your body, moods or feelings of confidence?

Body lost 2 kgs in first 5 days then slowed down to an overall loss of 6 kgs over 2 months.

My energy levels and mood were always okay so haven't noticed any changes there.

What has been your key learning?

Re amount of sugar in "healthy foods" and that peri menopause weight gain can be shifted

What would you now tell yourself a few months ago? Hang in there, keep going.

Would you go back to the way you were eating?

I wasn't eating badly as such but no, I wouldn't go back to the amount of sugar-filled carbs I was eating in terms of GF crackers, corn thing, bread etc.

Is life now harder or easier than staying where you were?

Easier as I am more comfortable in myself with losing a bit of excess weight

What would you say to someone, in a painful place, lacking knowledge or body confidence, but scared to try and change?

Just start. Even one tiny thing to shift the needle each day.

A takeaway dessert for everyone:

Recipe – your favourite go to meals at the moment.

5 Ingredient Grain Free Porridge! Listen in for the recipe.

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