#4: WISDOM - A Confident Males' Perspective on Complexion

Not Another Nutrition Podcast

04-12-2020 • 20 mins

My first ever podcast in the WISDOM category! In this epsiode, I give a my ‘confident male’ perspective on complexion.

I talk about my previous struggles & experiences with bad skin as a teenager & how that’s come into adulthood with me.

I also talk about one of my favourite topics: Confidence & how that ties into self-acceptance.


00:00 - The longest introduction ever, but hopefully very insightful

12:01 - My previous struggles with bad skin and why it was a big deal for me

13:02 - How antibiotics impact the gut and the topical antibiotic I found useful

15:55 - Why a particular body size or shape 'gives’ you confidence

18:12 - Filters on social media and embracing who you are

19:59 - My take on self-acceptance