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Vintage Rock Pod

The ultimate classic rock podcast with big name interviews and a daily "This Day Rocks" episode focussing on a big event on this day in music history! Hosted by Paul Stephenson, a UK radio veteran, this high quality, comprehensive classic rock podcast won't disappoint! Follow the show at: https://www.vintagerockpod.com Proudly part of Pantheon Podcasts Network.

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*THIS DAY ROCKS* Brothers In Arms*THIS DAY ROCKS* Oh Well!64. Pete Jupp - FM (UK)*THIS DAY ROCKS* Great Balls of Fire*THIS DAY ROCKS* Let's Dance*THIS DAY ROCKS* With a Little Help From My Friends*THIS DAY ROCKS* The Sultans Did Swing*THIS DAY ROCKS* Kiss Exposed!*THIS DAY ROCKS* Hey Monterey!63. John Steel - The Animals*THIS DAY ROCKS* The Heat Of The Moment*THIS DAY ROCKS* Led Zeppelin Re-union*THIS DAY ROCKS* How Does It Feel?*THIS DAY ROCKS* Meat Goes Bust*THIS DAY ROCKS* The Beatles Pleased Me*THIS DAY ROCKS* Go-Go On A Permanent Vacation62. Andrew Farriss - INXS*THIS DAY ROCKS* Aerosmith Get A Grip*THIS DAY ROCKS* Paul Weller's Style*THIS DAY ROCKS* UK's Favourite Single