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Anthony Scaramucci

This is Mooch FM, a weekly podcast to debate and explore the top stories of the week, with the biggest names in media, business, politics and beyond. Your host is self-made entrepreneur Anthony ‘The Mooch’ Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital and the prestigious SALT conference. He famously served as Donald Trump’s Communications Director for just 11 days before being unceremoniously sacked. Now a vocal critic of the President, he is also the author of five books.
Episode 66: Nicole Perlroth, Tom Sosnoff & Adam LoweEpisode 65: David L. Bahnsen, Nathalie Cox & Matthew DowdEpisode 64: Dr. Brian Klaas, Ann Berry & Jacob Helberg
1 hr 12 mins
Episode 63: David Rubenstein, Lyn Alden & Brad BerkwittEpisode 62: Ankit Panda, Carla Marinucci & Dave SpencerEpisode 61: Richard Bernabe, Carla Buzasi & Alvin HallEpisode 60: Dr. Fiona Hill, Max Chafkin & Lord Parry MitchellEpisode 59: Scott Lynn, Evan Nierman & Reverend Al SharptonEpisode 58: Michael Eisenberg, Jo Maugham & Maria TatarEpisode 57: Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Greg Isenberg & Anand MenonEpisode 56: Sahil Bloom, Olivia Troye & Jason RandallEpisode 55: Darren Rovell, Anne McElvoy & Peter SchiffEpisode 54: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Dr. Lawrence Rocks & Jenny KavanaghEpisode 53: Jen Zhu Scott, Gillian Tett & Felix MitchellEpisode 52: Carol Roth, Harlan Ullman & Katharina GehraEpisode 51: Gretchen Carlson, Tim Marshall & Sir Ronald CohenEpisode 50: Austan D. Goolsbee, Dr. Juan Rivera & Ren Yi HooiEpisode 49: Zachary Karabell, Hollie McKay & Gavin HewittEpisode 48: Frank Figliuzzi, Yuri Shvets & Craig UngerEpisode 47: Felix Marquardt, Daniel Silva & Hugh Campbell