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Nuka Learning Institute

Southcentral Foundation’s Nuka Health podcast offers insights into how SCF built its Nuka System of Care in collaboration with the Alaska Native community, and how it maintains the system with the community’s support. Each episode will give an in-depth look at different aspects of Nuka, with commentary from the people who helped build the system and keep it operating to a high standard of quality today. We hope you will appreciate the insight into the inner workings of a system that has been nationally and internationally recognized for providing high-quality health care. Podcast music is provided by Polly Napiryuk Andrews, Cup’ik from the community of Chevak, Alaska. The song Niitaqamaa Wii (When I Hear) is sung in Yup’ik, and translates to “When I hear the voices of my ancestors, it’s beautiful, and it gives me flight”. This song is composed by Ossie Kairaiuak, rendition by Polly Andrews, with drums by Michael Ulroan. Polly is a Learning and Development Advisor with Southcentral Foundation Family Wellness Warriors, a movement that focuses on Alaska Native culture and strengths to end cycles of trauma. read less
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