Key Principles for Mastering Product Management | Chris Jones, Partner- Silicon Valley Product Group

Product Unfiltered

20-04-2023 • 36 mins

In this episode of Product Unfiltered, we have Chris Jones, a seasoned product management expert, who shares his insights and experiences in building product teams in Silicon Valley. Chris delves into the evolution of product management since the early 90s and the key differences between then and now. He highlights the importance of data and user experience and empowering teams to solve problems rather than just giving them things to build. Chris also discusses the limitations of individual product managers in companies with old operating models and how to determine the success of a product. Furthermore, Chris provides a detailed analysis of Adobe and their ability to transform and lead their market for decades. He discusses Adobe's success as a tool for creative professionals and the company's recent attempt to enter the podcast industry with a new product that is user-friendly and requires no training. The discussion then moves on to the iPhone, its impact on the industry, and the rise of touch screen technology. Chris also reflects on Yahoo's early internet domination and their inability to adapt to the explosive growth of the internet and its curated model's limitations. Lastly, Chris shares his thoughts on the impact of generative AI on society and the transformation it can bring to various industries. He compares the impact of AI on society to the introduction of calculators in the past, freeing us from certain problems and forcing us to learn new skills. Join us for an engaging and insightful conversation with Chris Jones on Product Unfiltered. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell icon to stay updated with our latest episodes.