Product Management Strategies for HR Tech: Insights from Anne-Paul Nedelca, Principal PM at Workday

Product Unfiltered

28-04-2023 • 28 mins

Anne, a principal product manager at Workday, shared her insights on the challenges and opportunities in the HR industry and how technology is shaping its future. She discussed the importance of people analytics in helping HR teams make informed decisions through augmented analytics and how Workday's People Analytics works as a search engine through all of the people data companies have. Anne also highlighted the challenges of data privacy and the importance of understanding AI and machine learning concepts. She emphasized the value of partnering with engineers and focusing on user experience and expectations rather than the technology's details. Anne discussed how they gather feedback from different channels and prioritize features based on criteria such as customer retention, satisfaction, and scalability. Lastly, she talked about the future of People Analytics tools and how they will incorporate new categories of AI.