Secrets to Building Great B2B Products | Yogesh Paliwal, Director of Product at Cisco Wireless

Product Unfiltered

02-11-2023 • 48 mins

Join us as we dive into the dynamic world of product management and the ever-evolving networking industry with Yogesh Paliwal, Director of Product at Cisco Wireless. In this enlightening episode, Yogesh shares his incredible journey from a software developer to a product leader, providing valuable insights and experiences. Discover how the networking industry has transformed over the past two decades, adapting to the rise of mobile devices and cloud computing. Yogesh delves into the challenges product managers face in the B2B space, highlighting the need for adaptability, user-centric thinking, and innovative problem-solving. Explore Cisco's unique culture and its impact on product development. Learn about the qualities Yogesh values in early-stage product managers and his approach to hiring top talent. Yogesh also discusses the importance of optimizing choices for learning and achieving your career vision. Hear his perspective on industry trends, including the impact of artificial intelligence, subscription-based business models, and the future of networking solutions. Join us in this deep-dive conversation with Yogesh Paliwal, a tech leader shaping the future of networking and product management. Subscribe now to stay updated on our insightful episodes!"