Exalted Story Hooks - House Cathak

Wondrous Atlas of Creation's Destiny: An Exalted Podcast

27-08-2022 • 58 mins

House Cathak has a fantastic moral compass that can lead to some interesting takes on Dragon-Blooded politics. We discuss that, re-tread some ground on how to run a military game, and explore what possible games you can run in House Cathak's holdings, with a focus on Myion as well as exploring what special things can be done in Myion City, the Fifteen Leagues Redoubt, Glass, and Mavinyos.

The episode finishes up with an outline of two House Cathak characters we've made that exemplify some of the themes of the House, a rather direct ex-military diplomat who treats everything like a game Gateway, and a garrison commander from Fajad.

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