Psychology Unplugged

Dr. Corey J. Nigro

Weekly discussions and perspectives on all aspects of psychology, neuropsychology, psychopharmacology, and mental health topics. Psychoeducation, information, misinformation, controversy, and passion about an incredibly relevant and misunderstood medical field. read less

Our Editor's Take

Psychology Unplugged talks about personal experience and scientific research in psychology. Episodes of this show look at different aspects of psychology with an expert. This podcast covers diagnoses and emotional regulation strategies. It also offers insight into the field. Dr. Corey J. Nigro MD, the host of the show, shares his opinions. He also talks about the art of diagnostics and why life tasks can feel overwhelming for some people.

It's true that no two brains are the same. Psychiatry offers a look into how the mind works. Psychology Unplugged shares information about working with a variety of brain conditions. Each episode focuses on a single topic. Some explore specific mental conditions. This includes conditions from ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder to Borderline Personality Disorder. Other episodes focus on adolescent mental health, body dysmorphic disorder, or psychiatric hospitalization.

The host has a conversational and authentic style. His wife Julie, also a psychiatrist, is often a guest. Listeners will hear these two professionals explore the nuances of mental health. Their psychology careers provide helpful insight. Julie and Corey bring over a decade of experience to the show. Their differing perspectives offer room for live-time exploration and learning. Mental health isn't always a matter of perspective. Often, problematic coping mechanisms get in someone's way. Psychology Unplugged discusses conscious choices listeners can make to improve their bias.

Corey helps listeners point out unhelpful coping mechanisms. He also encourages them to reflect on emotional responses. He discusses how everyone has cognitive biases that affect important parts of life. This includes decision-making and relationships. Mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation are often helpful for people who deal with these issues.

Talk therapy, which is psychotherapy, is another way to care for mental health. Psychology Unplugged talks about picking the right therapist. Listeners learn how to make choices that help their well-being. Corey's open attitude helps listeners learn about mental health without shame. Education like this may help people understand these conditions better.

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