Book Chat: Beloved Economies: Transforming How We Work

Osio Labs

04-07-2023 • 31 mins

In this episode our team (Ashley, Blake, Joe, and Addi) talks about our takeaways and recommendations from the book Beloved Economies by Jess Rimington and Joanna Levitt Cea. We also dig into what changes we could be making in our own company.

In the book there is a quote explaining the title. “A beloved economy comes from treating with care and reverence “the autonomous power of everyone’s story,” and from each of us being able to contribute to, and access, abundance….”

The core concept in the book to achieve this is to distribute rights to design. "Rights to design are what we exercise when we imagine, decide, and build together". Our current system has these rights to design held by a few, which consolidates wealth and power in a reinforcing pattern that keeps this wealth and power within a small group.

To distribute rights to design and build a beloved economy, they share 7 practices:

  1. Share decision-making power
  2. Prioritize relationships
  3. Reckon with history
  4. Seek difference
  5. Source from multiple ways of knowledge
  6. Trust there is time
  7. Prototype early and often

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