The European Startup Show

Anita Moorthy

To inspire technology entrepreneurs in Europe with stories and practical strategies from other successful entrepreneurs. If you are a CEO, founder, or work in sales or marketing, and your company is based in Europe or is looking to expand into Europe, then this podcast is for you.

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Introducing The European Startup Show
From Operator/Angel Investor to a "proper" VC: Is It for Everyone?Practical tips for Creating Culture For Mega Growth by Sammy Rubin, Co-founder and CEO of YuLifeSaaS Go-To-Market Playbook from Notion Capital with Itxaso del PalacioCareer Advice and Embedded Finance with Louisa Murray, COO of RailsbankCan Lab-Grown Meat Solve Our Food and Climate Problems? Krijn De Nood - CEO & Co-founder at MeatableGrowing Through Acquisitions with Ranjan Singh, Co-founder and CEO of HealthHeroRob Moffat, Partner at Balderton Capital on Opportunities and Trends in Europe; Optimizing Organizational Design for ScaleCandid Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur, Ali Albazaz, Founder and CEO of InkittB2B Sales Process and The Most Important Factor in Increasing Upsell - Roberto Coustas, Co-founder and CEO of Deepsea.aiBuilding and Scaling High Performance Teams; Trends in the Travel Industry and Opportunities for Startups from Veteran Travel Entrepreneur, Henrik KjellbergFuture of Workplaces; Pivoting The Whole Company During the Pandemic with Larry Gadea, Founder/CEO of EnvoyHow to Build A Low-Sales Touch Enterprise-Grade Security Company with Bence Jendruszak, Cofounder of Hungarian Startup Seon Fraud FightersQ-commerce, Profitability and How to Stay Focused in a Hyper Competitive Environment with Sacha Michaud, Co-founder of GlovoTransitioning From Startup CxO to Scale-up CxO with Dr. Tim Guilliams, Co-founder of AI Drug Development Company, HealxKeiran Olivares Whitaker, Founder of Entocycle, UK's Leading Insect Farming Company on Building a Deeptech vs SaaS Company.Sofie Allert, Co-founder and CEO of Swedish Algae Factory on Picking the Right First Application for a New TechnologyDeepali Nangia, Venture Partner at SpeedInvest on How Women Can Attract Better Angel FundingVidal Bharath, COO of Bramble on Powering the Net Zero Future Based on Hydrogen Fuel CellsSamantha Duncan, CEO & Co-Founder of Net Purpose on ESG Measurement, Why it is so Hard and How She Came to Find Product-Market Fit.Melinda Elmborg, Co-Lead at Fast Track Malmo Accelerator on The Great Pre-Seed Funding Problem in Europe