B2B Sales Process and The Most Important Factor in Increasing Upsell - Roberto Coustas, Co-founder and CEO of Deepsea.ai

The European Startup Show

21-01-2022 • 34 mins

Maritime industry

  • [1:34] Why did you start Deepsea? Why has the maritime industry been so late in modernizing?
  • [6:53] Being two engineering founders, how did you supplement the business knowledge that was missing?
  • [09:56] How did the pandemic affect your business? What did you need to do to adapt?

Startup advice

  • [12:15] What are some of the challenges and lessons you learnt in the early stages?
  • [14:43] What was the one change you made in your B2B selling process?
  • [18:30] You were initially wary of taking VC money. What made you change your mind?
  • [21:51] What did you do right when preparing for your fundraising?
  • [26:23] What advice do you have for hiring and managing people who are older than you?
  • [29:38] How do you reduce stress and startup burnout?