Transitioning From Startup CxO to Scale-up CxO with Dr. Tim Guilliams, Co-founder of AI Drug Development Company, Healx

The European Startup Show

10-11-2021 • 28 mins

Healthtech and Healx

  • [1:53] What inspired you to start focusing on rare diseases?
  • [3:28] Could you define what rare disease means?
  • [3:43] Why has what you’re doing never been done before? And how is your approach to drug discovery different from others?
  • [5:53] What are the trends you’re seeing in this space? And what do you think is accelerating this high amount of investment in health tech?

Startup to Scaleup

  • [8:16] Why did you bootstrap your company in the early stages and how did you execute with minimal resources?
  • [10:18] Why did the inventor of Viagra - Dr. David Brown join Healx?
  • [12:09] - What are some mistakes you made and what would you do differently now?
  • [13:10] What should founders keep in mind while selecting investors for their startups?
  • [14:57] Why did you raise series B so quickly after series A? Why did not just raise a larger Series A?
  • [16:41] What adjustments did you have to make and how did you think about operating the company after going from bootstrapping to raising $ 70 million?
  • [20:18] What has been the hardest thing about scaling?
  • [21:46] How do you deal with making decisions in areas where you don’t have experience? And how do you manage the stress?
  • [23:56] What are the future plans for Healx?


Company: Healx

Book: The subtle art of not giving a fuck