Midnight in the Asylum Cemetery, Part 2: The Hauntings

Hist-eerie Podcast

22-12-2017 • 34 mins

Part two of "Midnight in the Asylum Cemetery" explores the spooky, ghostly encounters people have reported for over 100 years at the former Elgin, IL asylum buildings and paupers' cemetery. In a unique twist, this episode features actual, UNTOUCHED recordings of mysterious paranormal activity experienced during several of Diane's Haunted Hometowns, Inc. ghost tours.  Those haunted history tours took place late at night within the isolated, abandoned graveyard and the windswept asylum grounds that used to encompass over 1,000 acres, and where lost souls of asylum patients are still said to roam...a legend proven by the startling evidence captured on these recordings!  BONUS FEATURE FOR YOUR WINTER HOLIDAY...Just for fun, Diane sings a Christmas carol she composed, "Werewolves in a Winter Wonderland, With Apologies to Bing".  (Her voice is professionally trained, it will not add to the horror.)  "Midnight in the Asylum Cemetery, Part 2: The Hauntings", is a very special, compelling and fascinating episode with actual, untouched recorded evidence of convincing paranormal activity. Do NOT miss this episode! This fifth episode in the Hist-eerie podcast series was researched, written, voiced, and produced by Diane Ladley, whom other storytellers once named, "America's Ghost Storyteller".  Credits, source material and references will be posted on the Hist-eerie website, as soon as we finish design updates.  Your name will go down in Hist-eerie when you become a valued VIP friend and support future episodes by visiting our page on Patreon.com/Hist-eerie. Patronage levels start at just $1 per episode (about one every 3-4 weeks), and the rewards get more exciting the higher you go; you can even have Diane come out to your town and tell her ghostly stories at your special event!  While the podcast will ALWAYS be free, Diane is so thankful for those Hist-eerie enthusiasts who show their appreciation with a little tip money each episode.  Say hello on our Facebook page!

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