The Happiest Haunted House in America

Hist-eerie Podcast

29-11-2019 • 19 mins

What makes a ghost? According to legend and lore, a ghost is created from sudden death, regrets, despair, and murder. There are no ghosts created from happiness. Or are there? In this long-awaited Christmas holiday episode of the Hist-eerie podcast, "America's Ghost Storyteller" Diane Ladley, introduces you to a most unusual haunted house in Savannah, Georgia; filled with a large family of ghosts who happily abide together forever in their own little piece of Heaven on earth.

Rated PG-13, not for younger or more sensitive listeners due to graphic descriptions of certain dark historical events and facts.

Special Note to You From Diane: "Hi there! Just a note to say that while this episode features some (deliciously dark!) traditional Christmas music and mentions Christmas specifically, please be assured that its message is intended to warm the hearts of people of all faiths, or of no faith at all, during this most magical, supernatural time of year."

"THE HAPPIEST HAUNTED HOUSE IN AMERICA" Hist-eerie Podcast Episode #17,

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